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Work from Home:Earn by Twitter

Earn Money while you Tweet:Work from Home

Work from Home is becoming trend these days.There are basically two ways you can make money with Twitter which you can do easily while working from home.You can promote your own products and services or you can promote other peoples products and services to earn online money. This Blog will focus on promoting other peoples products and services.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter as a micro blogging service created a revolution in the world of social network, & people started to explore the way to use twitter not just keeping up with friends but to do things like marketing products, making sales, earning money through twitter & lots of other stuff as well. In this post I have shared some of the tips that will help you to earn money using Twitter.

GET Paid by Posting

You get paid for posting a particular message about a product or service to share it with your followers. The more followers you have, the greater you will earn. You can also earn by referring users to these paid review website to earn referral commission.Follow these Website:

2. Tweetad
3. TwitPub
4. RevTwt
5. Tweetbucks
6. Be A Magpie

Sell Twitter Related Services

If you are designer you can offer services like creating custom professional twitter background you can use your own background to promote it as a service. Also if you know how to get mass follower & influence people on twitter account you can provide services like Twitter profile management & become face of a brand in your local area.

Some tips to increase your follower and popularity in Tweeting World

1]Twitter is about conversation and communication. If you don’t have time to socialize, don’t bother joining.

2]If you join Twitter for the sole purpose of pushing offers and nothing else, you won’t gain much ground. Your content should be a good mix of promotions and relevant content.

3]When someone “follows” you or retweets a post, be sure to thank them via direct message. Better yet, thank them and offer them a freebie such as a download from your web site. Twitter has all sorts of other user etiquette rules. Be sure to read up on them before you dive in.

4]Business logos are nice, but they are impersonal. Use a photo of yourself for your profile. It helps Tweeters (read: potential leads) put a face to a name, and it goes miles in terms of getting people to trust you and your offers.

5]Hashtags are awesome for targeting customers and finding new leads, but they must be relevant and used appropriately. If your offer is for shoes and you type #TaylorSwift, thinking you’ll get more hits, that’s not ok. Unless Taylor Swift’s face is on the shoe. In that case, the hashtag would be relevant. More than likely, using hashtags that have nothing to do with your promotions will hurt your Tweet cred.

6]If you are a network marketer follow other network marketers. If you are looking for offline business owners than find a business owners group. You get my drift. Why you may want to be social on twitter, you still want to be strategic in your followings.Follow Famous well known people in your industry as well. These people have lots of followers. tweeting helpful things on their page can also get you noticed by their followers.

7]When looking to make money with twitter using the @symbol is a great way to attract people to your twitter page. Think about it. When you use this symbol in your tweets, this means that your are specifically talking to someone or mentioning them. The person you are mentioning gets notification that you have mentioned them and can choose to respond. If they do respond then all their followers will see that as well. This can result in an avalanche of traffic for you! There are lots of ways to utilize twitter as an endless source of leads an money for your business you just got to know how to do it right.

8]There are mornings I open my Twitter feed to find that every single tweet is from the same person. It’s called mass tweeting, and I find it super annoying, and so will your followers. In fact, I usually end up “unfollowing” people who clog up my feed. Use common sense when you post. Don’t go overboard. The best advice is to post throughout the day so your message hits a wider audience.

9]You want to be interesting to people. People like to know more about you. They don’t want to follow someone who is boring and has nothing to say. Here are some things that you can put in your profile:

A]What you do(self-employed, network marketer, coach etc)
C]Friendly, Smiling Picture
E]Inspirational Quote
F]Have fun!

10]If you have a large following on Twitter, you’ll want to automate some of your processes, such as sending thank yous and scheduling posts. It makes life easy and convenient. But take care not to automate more than you have to. Personal messages still get the best results.

11]Grab attention with unique lead ins to your tweets. Your goal is to get people to click, read, and act. Additionally, when you retweet something, include a meaningful comment. Go beyond, “Good article” or “Check this out” or “I liked this.” Offer a thought or opinion, which of course you can only do if you actually read what you are retweeting.

Famous Paid to Tweet Programs:

How Does Paid-to-Tweet Work?

The concept behind paid to tweet is very simple – advertisers pay active Twitter users to tweet specific messages about their products to their followers. For example. if you are a blogger and make money blogging, you probably have lots of followers in your niche. Advertisers in your niche would be willing to pay you to send tweets to your followers. The more influential and active you are, and the more followers you have, the more you get paid.

Now, of course, it would be very time consuming and almost impossible if every single company went out and looked for Twitter users to do sponsored tweets for them, that’s why there are websites that specialize in connecting advertisers with twitter users who want to make money with their Twitter account.

How Much Money Can You Make With Twitter?

Sponsored tweets don’t all pay the same. The exact amount depends on many different factors, such as the advertiser, the product or services being promoted, the number of followers you have, and so on. However, on average, one could expect to earn between $0.10 to up to $5 or more per tweet.

Get Paid To Tweet Sites

Ready to make some money with Twitter?… Well, the following are a few paid to tweet sites where you can sign up for free, and get connected with advertisers who are willing to pay you to send sponsored tweets to your followers.

Hire Me Direct
This is the largest paid to tweet site where the big boys like Diddy get paid to tweet.
One of the most famous paid to tweet sites where you can make as much as $5 per tweet.
Another great site to earn a few bucks with tweets.
Beside getting paid to tweet, you can also earn extra money by referring other Twitter users.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Article Writing:Work from Home

Earn Money Online by writing Articles

Writing and Publishing articles depends on individual abilities and interest,Mainly their are 3 Reasons for writing articles online which has advantage for making extra cash online:

1]To promote any product and any business online.
2]To gain traffic and back links to your site or blog.
3]Last but so much important, earn money for writing articles.

Platforms available for Writing Articles Online :

2]Associated Content
Audiologist Training

Friday, 31 May 2013

Work from Home:Part time Jobs

Cheap Hotels Online

Work from Home:Online Jobs

People are really fed-up by searching how to make money online,Even I am Fed-Up but ones i get right direction now my journey is on.First of all don't ever get excited on Scheme that makes you rich overnight as online earning needs lots and lots of patience, hard work and also smart-work.
Their are certain categories which are searching for online jobs,they may be:
1] House-Wife
2]College or School Students
3]One who want to be own boss
4]Want some passive income along with his/her job or Business
I am under 4th Category.Now lets Discuss some of the websites which really pays you for your hard work.Their are websites which comes under Category PTC Websites i.e. Paid-to-click Websites.These websites pay you on each ad you view,some small task you perform and for Referral you make under you.
Their are certain websites which comes under catogery PPD i.e. Pay per Download.In such websites first you have to register yourself.Then try to make files which are unique and in demand,Upload it in PPD website Server where you will get link to download that particular promote that link and if somebody downloads that file by your link then you will get paid.The file can be in any format like video file,Txt File,PDF file,MP3 file Etc...

Then their are certain websites which pays you on writing few words articles on their Niches. Then their are certain websites which pays you on Filling Surveys,giving your Honest Opinion to the company so that they will get customers feedback and it helps a lot to improve their Products and services and in return they pay you.

Then their is very famous and very hot program i.e. Google Adsense for which you must have blog or must have blog or website with some current,unique and demandable Niche or topic.If you start getting visitors for your website/blog start making relations with them and increase your traffic.Ones you started getting reasonable traffic per day apply for google adsense a/c in which ones approved google start giving you ads on related topic of your website/blog,in which if visitor visit your website/blog and click on ads displayed by google you will get paid in Dollars.

Its true that Online earning is not too easy but ones you get started with your journey things become automatically start getting different paths as how to move ahead.

Some Top PTC(Paid-to-Click) websites are:

Some Survey Websites are:

Some Article writing Websites are:

Most Common PPD(Pay Per Download) Website: